Frequently Asked Questions

Renting or leasing furniture provides a cost effective way to manage your office environment.

It has the benefit of :

  • SAVING CAPITAL. No CAPEX to be approved.
  • TAX ADVANTAGES. Usually 100% deductible.
  • FLEXIBILITY. Change furniture to suite your needs.

Our installers efficiently install desks and other furniture for long or short term periods.

DeskWorks also add another aspect to the solution. We have a vast knowledge of office furniture and design.

We provide a full range on modern furniture which will complement any office. We can source specific items if required. If they are not in stock we will supply a temporary item and swap it over.

Our desk/workstation range is specifically designed provide many configurations using standard components. It allows for desk grouping, the option of partitioning between desks, large cable management trays to allow for simple mulitboxes and separated data cabling. All this with simple installation to save on site disruption.

DeskWorks has been inspired from commercial interior design beginning. The company is involved with multinational corporate fitouts which keeps it up to date with international desking and layout trends. All our furniture is “new” or “as new” when it goes to your premises. No old furniture is used in our range.

DeskWorks provides flexible options for hiring, or leasing.

We offer:

Short Term Rental – This could be a few weeks for extra staff on a special project or a seasonal busy period.

Standard Hire – Setting up or adding to your office with no fixed term.

Long Term Leasing – Provides rental with a minimum period which is agreed. This is extremely competitive.

Lease to Own – Provides you with ownership of the furniture at the end of the period.

The longer the rental the lower the rate. Ask our rep about great special deals for longer terms!


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